The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 4

Pokémon Name: Drifloon
Type: Ghost / Flying
Classification: Balloon
Pokédex Number: 065 Sinnoh / 425 National
Ability: Unburden – Speed increases with no held items; Aftermath – Deals damage to the opponent if felled by a physical attack
Dream World ability: Flare Boost – Raises special attack 1.5x when user has a burn
Useful Attacks: Spit Up
Location Found:
D/P/P: Outside Valley Windworks, only on Fridays
HG/SS: Trade from D/P/P
B/W: Breed Drifblim, Dream World - Windswept Sky

Once again, Game Freak's quest to Poketize all of creation continues unabated with the wholly unnecessary balloon Pokémon, Drifloon. While most anyone could think of a more compelling form for a Flying Ghost Pokémon, say, something Dutch, the type combination is new and actually pretty interesting, with attacks that make it ideal for tackling Fighting and Psychic Pokémon.

Evolves into Drifblim at level 28.

Level               Attack                       Type
-                       Constrict                     Normal
-                       Minimize                     Normal
6                      Astonish                      Ghost
11                    Gust                            Flying
14                    Focus Energy              Normal
17                    Payback                      Dark
22                    Stockpile                     Normal
27                    Swallow                      Normal
27                    Spit Up                       Normal
30                    Ominous Wind            Ghost
33                    Baton Pass                  Normal
38                    Shadow Ball               Ghost
43                    Explosion                    Normal

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