The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 4

Pokémon Name: Ambipom
Type: Normal
Classification: Long Tail
Pokédex Number: 064 Sinnoh / 424 National
Ability: Technician - The power of weaker moves are increased; Pickup – May find items after battle
Dream World ability: Skill Link – Multi-strike moves always hit the maximum number of times
Useful Attacks: Treasure
Location Found:
D/P/P/HG/SS: Evolved from Aipom, when learns Double Attack
B/W: Poke Transfer

Ambipom is Aipom's twin-tailed evolution. When one of those creepy little monkeys learns Double Attack, its fat-handed tail splits in twain, and its vacant stare develops a mischievous new gleam. Aipom was one of those flyover Pokedex entries in the past, but this makeover makes it an interesting Normal-type Pokémon for any arsenal.

Level               Attack                       Type
-                       Scratch                       Normal
-                       Tail Whip                    Normal
-                       Sand-attack                Ground
-                       Astonish                     Ghost
11                    Baton Pass                  Normal
15                    Tickle                          Normal
18                    Fury Swipes                Normal
22                    Swift                           Normal
25                    Screech                      Normal
29                    Agility                         Psychic
32                    Double Hit                  Normal
36                    Fling                           Dark
39                    Nasty Plot                  Dark
43                    Last Resort                Normal

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