The Club - hands-on

Where Bizarre’s Project Gotham had you driving with style through its Kudos system, The Club takes a similar approach, only this time, replacing drifts around corners with consistently accurate killings. Forget a story, romance or any world-threatening catastrophe, this is all about taking your controls in hand and using them to show how much skill you have at stylish slaughter. The very tight controls and take-it-in-turns high scoring addictiveness makes this a real breath of fresh air. Unlike your usual story-driven shooters, there’s a distinct arcade feel to it all: big chunky numbers and score bonuses popping up all over the place, with a constant sense of urgency keeping you well and truly on your toes.

It feels decidedly old-school, particularly when it comes to multiplayer. We don’t mean kill-each-other-in-an-arena multiplayer (although there are some great new takes and modes on this aspect too), we mean sitting next to your mate or your brother on a sofa and taking it in turns to show each other up with your impeccable aiming skills.

Whether or not it’ll have the legs to sustain our interest over time remains to be seen, but one’s things for sure - we’re going to have a lot of fun finding out!

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