The characters of Xenosaga: Episode III

Height: 141cm (4’8”)
Weight: 36kg (79 lbs)

One of the most unusual characters in the Xenosaga series, M.O.M.O. is a 100-Series Observation Realian - in other words, an artificial human being with upgraded capacities. In truth, she's actually a prototype, created by the late Dr. Joachim Mizrahi in the image of his dead daughter, Sakura - those of you who played Episode II will remember her. M.O.M.O. suffers, at times, from crippling self-doubt thanks to her unconventional nature. Lots of creepy guys seem to think she's pretty special, and come chasing after the party to either kill or kidnap her. She strives only to do good deeds, as she hopes she'll be reunited with her father in heaven after her death. Her mother Juli, who survives, tends to be quite cold toward her.


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