The Cape Preview Clips

It’s the new superhero show co-starring everybody’s favourite genre lass, Summer Glau (but she’s not in the clips, sadly)

NBC has released three clips from The Cape, its new superhero show, currently pencilled in to be a mid-season replacement show (in other words it won’t premiere in the Fall, but sometime after Christmas). It stars Davis Lyons as Vince Faraday as a cop who’s falsely accused of being a criminal, and who becomes a masked hero to try to prove his innocence… although it gets a lot more complicated than that, with lots of mistaken identities shenanigans and stuff. Summer Glau co-stars as an investigative reporter (though sadly she’s in none of the clips). Gotta admit, it’s hard to make a judgement from the clips, but blimey, how annoying is that whiny kid?