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The Bouncer Cheats

  • New Costumes

    Go to the character select screen and hold L2, R2 or L1 and pick your character
    More Characters
    Finish the game to get new characters each time you finish the game
    Secret FMV sequence
    To get a secret FMV movie just beat the game with Sion!!!
    Play as Wong Leung in versus mode
    Play through game with any character, but do not use Sion in the fight against Kaldea, and after that fight use Sion to complete the game. After you defeat Duragon for the final time you will view a FMV sequence where you have to fight Wong. Defeat him to unlock her in versus mode.
    Play as Topless Duragon in versus mode
    Successfully complete the game three times using any character. After defeating Duragon for the second time, he will get up again and fight topless. Defeat him to unlock that version of him in versus mode.
    Play as Kou in MSF Costume in Versus Mode
    After you've completed the game once, play through the entire game again only using Kou. Save the game after Kou enters the Mikado building as a MSF soldier. The MSF costume for Kou will now be unlocked in survival and versus modes.
    Play as Sion with black hood
    Complete survival mode by beating the black-hooded version of Sion to unlock that costume in versus and survival modes.
    Beat the game once to get:
    mugetsu with mask on
    mugetsu with mask on
    note:if i mention the same name 2 or more that means that there are more than 1 you can be and they have different move.
    dauragon only fighting with one hand
    dauragon fighting with with bt hands
    dauragon fighting in a painters suit
    kaldea (the panther)
    pd-4 (the robot)
    dominique (sions girlfriend)
    however yo can not get topless daragon, wong leung(sions master) and leann cadwell(kous trainer)this way you get them a different way
    The Big List of Tips
    I have put together a few tips that I think will be very helpful to those who follow them.
    First of all Sion is definately not the best fighter in this game and Volt just looks powerful. But in fact the best fighter is Kou. This is because of his lightning fast moves and the long reach he has with his legs. He also has some of the most powerful moves in the game. Take his Tiger Fury for instance: if you connect with all seven kicks it could easily kill anyone. That is anyone except Dauragon when he has no shirt.
    Even though Volt may have the most powerful moves and Sion has an incredible array of techniques, they are both too slow to effectively keep an enemy off his feet.
    After you have beaten the game with Kou start to level up Sion because he does have the second best fighting style. Volt is just to slow.
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The Bouncer Hints


    First beat the game and you will get everyone but Dauragon C. Mikado (With no shirt), Wong Leung, and Leann Caldwell.
    Beat the game 3 times, the fourth time you fIght Dauragon he will stand up a after he spits up blood. Beat him and earn him for survival and versus.
    When you fight Kaldea (the jaguar lady) at the end. Have someone other than Sion beat her. Then finish the game with Sion. Then you will fight him at the end of the movie clip.
    Just beat the game with Kou. Then you will fight her at the end of the movie clip.
    First off you need to be able to read when you will need to block. This way instead of taking down your health it will take down your defense. This way you can be killing them without them even hurting you. To be able to read their moves easier, understand that they will attack right after they block your attack. If you are able to knock them to the ground, take advantage of this. Try to keep them on the ground or just get in an offensive shot then return to your defensive blocking game. The way it works is, if you block they're move try to pull off a long combo. This way if they block the first few they're not expecting more moves to come. So they drop their block in order to attack. This is when your combo will start to rip them apart. Also try not to be too repetitive. The AI in this game can piss you off really badly after a while if they keep blocking your moves or dodge them and get you from behind. Remember as well that being slow will get you killed, so b!
    e quick with your shots and don't waste all your time blocking because this will eventually run out and you will be totally helpless.
    Remember my saying. It doesn't matter how good the character is you'll have better luck if you have the experience to handle it.
    Get Secret Bouncer
    At the main menu hold l1 and press square, square, square, circle, x, x, triangle x to get A bouncer with the name "Unknown"
    Unlock Black-Hooded Sion
    The Last enemy in Survival Mode is a black-hooded Sion. Upon Beating this secret Sion, you can use this costume in Versus and Survival Modes By selecting Sion and Holding L1+L2+R1+R2.
    Special combos
    !. Double uppercut= square, square.
    2. Triple kick= square, square, square.
    3. Mid-air doubbble kick= circle, circle.
    1.Lightning kneel kick= left, right, down, or
    up and quickly press triangle.
    2.Running liriat= left, right, down, or up and
    quickly press square.
    3.heavy low kick- X,X.
    1.triple roundhouse kick= triangle, triangle,
    2.Triple jab= triangle, triangle, triangle.
    3.Slider= right,leeeeft, down, or up, and
    quickly press X.
    A very helpful hint
    As you've probably noticed by now each bouncer has different bouncer prices for their life up, power up, defense up, and their tech skills. So if you beat once the bonus bouncer points go up for each time you beat it 200 bonus point for beating it twice, 300 for three times and so on. So I suggest beating the game first with Sion. because his price are medium, Kou second, and Volt last because his tech. skills and so high.
    Tip: Kill Dauragon Quicker
    When you fight Dauragon at the end on the ship, be Volt. If you hit X when fighting him, you do a low kick. You just have to watch out for him. If you keep doing this you should be able to keep your health up, for the next fight. Then do the same thing on the second fight.
    Easily kill Duragon with Kou
    Get Kou's last move. When fighting Duragon use it (hold l1 and press Circle and Triangle) then get behind your teamates. When Duragon starts his attack do yours.
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