The best of Simpsons: Hit & Run

See… Professor Frink

Springfield’s manic scientist has invented many weird and wonderful things in his time, but none more so than the flying motorcycle.

See… Carl Carlson

The other half of the comedy duo with Lenny. Homer can never remember which one is Carl or Lenny so he writes “Lenny = white, Carl = black” on the palm of his hand to help him remember.

See… Gil Gunderson

Ol’ Gil is seen around Springfield in a variety of sales jobs - real estate, computers, you name it. But he never quite manages to clinch the big deal he desperately needs.

See… Apu (American)

Get to level five, head to the DMV or Moe’s Tavern and buy this outfit for 450 coins. Apu donned these threads when he was trying to prove his American citizenship and stay in Springfield.

See… Bart (Audition)

For 250 coins you can unlock Bart’s new image from the DMV or Moe’s Tavern. This sharp suit appearance was seen in the episode where Bart tried out for the part of Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man film.

See… Bumblebee Man

The Spanish actor can be found buzzing around on the KMEX TV channel, usually ending up in some slapstick scenario. In one episode of the show, it was revealed that he was actually a British thespian.

See… Barney Gumble

The long-suffering alcoholic is as much a part of The Simpsons history as any of the main family. He would have been an astronaut had he not become drunk on non-alcholic wine and stolen a jet-pack.

See… Groundskeeper Willy

Arriving all the way from the Scottish Highlands, Willy is now in charge of maintenance at Springfield Elementary. Under those dowdy threads lies a chiseled body of pure granite. Och aye.

See… Squeaky-Voice Teen

The chances are you’ll have only just learned the name of Springfield’s spottiest character from the title above. SVT never really gets the limelight, but his roles are comedy gold.


  • SuperBadnik - February 15, 2009 11:41 a.m.

    How is he playing as Cletus on Hit & Run?
  • jayindaouse - December 26, 2008 6:22 p.m.

    Walk on thin air glitch Go to level 3. Go to the harber where the huge ship is (C-SPANKER) find the ramp were you launch into the boat, then drive to the other side of the ship and find the house which has a sign saying Davey jones' hamper. on the left of the house you should see two crates on top of each other, jump on the chain then jump behind the crates you should beable to walk through the house carry on walking through the house when you have come out the other side you should be walking on thin air. DO NOT JUMP or you will die and have to start over again.

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