The best boss battles of 2010

The brilliant boss: Rock Titan

The titans Gabriel Belmont faces in Lords of Shadow simply couldn’t be more of a saliva-poweredkiss to Shadow of the Colossus. Unlike Kratos’ mountain-sized mates, the titan battles in Castlevania are much more interactive. Requiring skilful timing, if you’re not careful Belmont is liable to get his noble self crushed if your fingers go a bit Forrest Gump on you.

Probably the most impressive is the Rock Titan. A boulder-based bitch who’s as tall as a small skyscraper, she towers above your tiny knight as a ghostly storm rages in the background. Thankfully, with the assistance of a hardass golem and a fewsizeable rocks, Gabe takes down the stony shit. Although we doubt he’ll ever be able to fully relax around pebbles again.