The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

As well as being able to pull weapons from crowds or pick up ones that have been thrown into the ring, you can also use your surroundings to dole out beatings. Here are the most brutal...

Use... A pillar
This is probably the most common piece of furniture you'll be able to use in the game. You can slam a guy's head into it or simply suplex them face first onto it.

Use... A vending machine
At the subway station, this drink dispenser is perfect for chucking your opponent into. Then, when he slumps against it, slam his head into the glass.

Use... A tractor
There's a satisfying clanging sound as your foe is flung into the hard steel of the tractor's bucket. Keep bashing away until his face resembles a builder's ass.

Use... A wire fence
Sadly, the fence in this power plant isn't electrified, but that doesn’t stop the shocking sight of your rival squirming as you grate his face across it. Ouch.

Use... A car
The horns toot and alarms go off as you maul your opponent against the sides of vehicles. You can throw each other through the windscreens, too.

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