The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

Don’t forget to freshen up your appearance. The better you look, the more the crowd cheers you and the quicker you’ll enter Blazin' mode. Being fashionable is the secret to success.

Step 1... Get a haircut
Visit Stingray's barber shop and he'll fix you up with a cutting edge hairstyle and shave. Get it dyed to look even more outrageous and please the crowd.

Step 2... Get inked
Go to Manny's tattoo parlor and you can ink up anywhere on your body. Pick something garish for maximum benefit.

Step 3… Bling it up
No hip-hop brawler would be complete without enough diamonds to dazzle a rabbit. Don't accept anything less than diamonds, mind, or it's not worth it.

Step 4… Change clothes
Snowman might be a bad boy wannabe, but he stocks the clothes that'll get you noticed in the ring. Spend any spare cash here and jazz up your look often.

Step 5… Play to the crowd
You're looking like a million dollars, so give the crowd a show. Use the right stick to taunt and play to the crowd and you'll be Blazin' faster than a petrol bomb.

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