The art of Guild Wars

Eye of the North: “At times the development of the different expansions started to blur together. For Eye of the North, I think the idea was to have a game that is set in the original continent, but to build on the big, mountainous regions, and the discussion went to what kind of new player races we could introduce there. The Norn, a kind of Viking-looking race, came to mind, and one thing led to another. The idea was embraced by the team, everybody felt comfortable with it the second time around - we’ve done snow-topped mountains before.”

The exciting sequel: “I personally, when I talk to the content team here, see Guild Wars 2 as an opportunity to tackle some established themes and locations with a completely new arsenal. We want Guild Wars 2 to be to Guild Wars what Peter Jackson’s King Kong was to the original. It’s the same old story, but the treatments and our ability to draw the viewer into it are greatly enhanced by the new technical features that are now available to us. That’s the scope - old King Kong to the new King Kong. That’s how high I’m shooting.”

Daniel’s origins: “I’ve been trained in Eastern European art from a really young age. If you want to succeed in anything, you’re forced to make important decisions, and undertake a rather unforgiving regime of education; all I’ve done in my life is art. I went to school and studied architecture, got my masters degree in industrial design, I worked in product design for a few years, then I finally got out of the Eastern Bloc and came to the US. When I came to the States I briefly worked as a designer until someone opened my eyes to the opportunities in interactive entertainment, and I jumped ship right away. I’ve been in games design ever since.”

I am Father Grigori: “My son Horia, (who’s working at Arenanet as a storyboard artist and modeler) was working at Valve during Half-Life 2’s development and I used to visit him. Bill Van Buren, the producer, asked me if I’d be willing to have a role in the game and they took a few pictures of me. Victor Antonov, the art director thought my mug would fit the Father Grigori role best. I guess it is to this day my one accomplishment in the industry that got me the most attention!”

Jan 24, 2008


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