The Ant Bully review

Eight years after Antz and A Bug’s Life went head to head, Warner Bros pitches in with an alarmingly uninspired addition to the computerised insect genre. Indeed, from the little boy who gets shrunk to creepy-crawly size (James And The Giant Peach) to the malevolent exterminator sent to wipe him out (Over The Hedge), there’s little in John A Davis’ adaptation of John Nickle’s kiddies’ book we haven’t seen before.


So what is new? Well, the voice cast mainly, Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep proving no Hollywood star is immune to the painless cash injection these pics provide. And yes, Paul Giamatti is good value as the cigar-chomping pest guy whose heaving bulk becomes the amusing backdrop for a climactic aerial battle. But really, what is the point of infesting cinemas with these costly CG ’toons if, like this film’s six-legged heroes, you can’t tell them apart?


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