The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases a trio of new posters

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has released three new posters online, focusing upon our hero’s face-off with principle baddie, Electro.

The three posters are variants on a theme, featuring Jamie Foxx’s villain in all his electricity-wielding glory, and positioning him as Spider-Man’s primary concern in the sequel.

Of course, there are also Rhino and Harry Osborn to be dealt with, although it’s nice to see Electro getting top billing in the promotional material.

Peter Parker’s love life will also presumably get some attention, although none of the promos have given that much focus as yet. Gwen will not be pleased…

Directed by Marc Webb and co-starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Dane DeHaan, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will open in the UK on 18 April 2014.