The 26 best Avatar Awards and how to get them

Left 4 Dead 2 – Med Kit and Gnome

All the clothes look great, especially if you want your Avatar to cosplay as L4D2 characters, but we prefer the uniqueness of the props, like the Med Kit which is granted simply for completing all five campaigns…

… and the Gnome prop, which is a little tougher to get. You first need to download the Passing DLC and then play as all six mutations, which change every week, so it will take six whole weeks to earn this bad boy.

Limbo – Limbo Pet

Experiencing Limbo is really its own reward, but an even better reward is a virtual pet version of one of the hideous beasts that stalk you in the game. Just finish the title, and this cute little monster is all yours.

Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers – Magic Cards

You want your Avatar to look like as huge a Magic nerd as you do right? Well, just unlock all cards for all six decks in the game and this spiffy prop is yours.

Monday Night Combat – Mascot Mask

The evil twin of the Captain Smiley head, this mask adorns your head with the visage of Bullseye, the happy go lucky and very shootable mascot of Monday Night Combat. You’ll get this Award as soon as you meet (and shoot) Bullseye in the tutorial.

Portal 2 – Companion Cube

This one isn’t available just yet, but it’s too awesome not to include. Once the game ships April 22, just complete the campaign and you’ll have your very own Companion Cube.

Red Dead Redemption – Sombrero

There are some nice, exclusive shirts you can unlock as well in RDR, but nothing beats the classiness of a sombrero. And it could be one of the first things you unlock, just shoot off an enemy's hat without killing them. We were bad enough shots that we got it without even trying.


  • MetaSyke - August 15, 2011 7:58 a.m.

    My avatar stands proud in his RDR Somrero, his Earthworm Jim Supersuit, and alongside his Limbo compaion. More games need to have these unlockables. Though I believe the gnome should be yours by successfully unlocking the "Guardin' Gnome" achievie. x.x
  • DarkSynopsis - March 24, 2011 12:16 p.m.

    I'm assuming posting a URL will be fine... just wanted to say for the very first comment can find a picture of the Space Channel 5 Part 2 Morolian’s Costume @
  • Zepaw - March 20, 2011 7:20 a.m.

    @SleepyRather than ask you to quantify gayness I have one word, Mii. It is not special enough to be in the article but I always wear my Limbo shirt. I bought the MW2 NV goggles and I don;t know why. Honestly I do not even remember buying them.
  • tailsjacks - March 13, 2011 5:57 a.m.

    forgot duke nukem jetpack
  • sleepy92ismypsn - March 12, 2011 1:29 a.m.

    The 360 has the gayest looking avatars.
  • BigBoss - March 11, 2011 7:06 p.m.

    Just a slight correction, the mutations for Left 4 Dead 2 is every two weeks, and so it will take 12 weeks to get the gnome.
  • Mainman - March 11, 2011 6:32 p.m.

    Extra little not about the Sonic outfit: The shoes are a separate award, earned in Sonic Adventure by registering ten hours of playtime. They're the least creepy part of the outfit, and look okay with other avatar clothes.
  • EnragedTortoise1 - March 11, 2011 1:09 p.m.

    That sonic suit... eeeeww.
  • philipshaw - March 11, 2011 12:11 p.m.

    Didn't know about some of these,great feature
  • Spybreak8 - March 11, 2011 7:43 a.m.

    Add three stupidly easy avatar pieces: Don't even do anything! PS I can't do this due to satellite ISP caps, even if I wanted to.
  • tacehtselrahc - March 11, 2011 6:45 a.m.

    That Sonic suit, Jesus Christ.
  • SonicX_89 - March 11, 2011 5:48 a.m.

    My ilo milo award is the best.
  • Imthedoctor - March 11, 2011 2:20 a.m.

    everything on the first page kinda sucked..but the rest of it was ok..i don't like the sombrero or the Reach awards, and i have them, lol they just don't look good with anything :/
  • FauxFurry - March 11, 2011 12:53 a.m.

    @MightyMorphinPoltergeist- I must have been thinking of a pre-release speculation on avatar award items for Splosion Man, but, yeah, the closest thing is a 'science shirt/dress'. Maybe they're saving the Lab Coat for Ms. Splosion man?
  • MightyMorphinPoltergeist - March 11, 2011 12:29 a.m.

    @Fauxfurry There isn't a lab coat reward for 'Splosion Man. The two avatar awards are a white t-shirt with the 'Splosion logo and the second one is a blue shirt with the big science icon on it.
  • FauxFurry - March 11, 2011 12:14 a.m.

    If a game added a Giant Douchebag costume (strange that no South Park game has that avatar award. They really are losing their touch.)avatar award, I'd be all over it. I'd probably even pay for it separately! I have yet to take my avatar's Fable 3 royal attire off after acquiring it months ago though the Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gear or the 'Splosion Man lab coat (which renders the XBox Lab next to completely pointless for those just trying to grab some lab gear) might tempt me to change the little scamp's get-up at long last. It's bound to be a bit gamey in there. This other stuff from the article will just make it all a touch spiffier but the lack of a Home for the avatars leaves them without a virtual space to safely stash them in then never look at them again...or show off their swag in, I guess. I let all of these RPGs that have been coming out lately distract me from Super Meat Boy but grabbing that animated chunk of steer muscle will give me renewed determination to complete the Light World as if the fun factor wasn't enough. Maybe after making it to the third chapter in Dragon Age 2...if Marvel Versus Capcom 3 doesn't pull me back in first?
  • Spybreak8 - March 10, 2011 11:55 p.m.

    Very impressive and great read Henry. I've gotta give a shout out for the RC car from Scrap Metal, it let's my Avatar rock out with some cool animations. Perfect Dark and Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light avatar awards are also pretty cool. I wore my Doom guy suite until people kept messaging me and saying what are you wearing!? haha
  • S135 - March 10, 2011 11:53 p.m.

    Super Meat Boy pet is the best (virtual) thing i've ever owned. (For my avatar)
  • Crabhand - March 10, 2011 11:44 p.m.

    Aw, you should have included the royal outfit from Fable 3, it's pretty spiffy and the parts can be worn separately if you like. There's also the monitor from Halo Waypoint that you can earn by just starting up Waypoint, as well as a full ODST outfit for completing the achievement "Good Samaritan" in ODST. Other than that, nice list. I have most of the ones on the list and I really appreciate when a game has these small rewards.
  • cart00n - March 10, 2011 11:43 p.m.

    The Cap'n Smiley head is pretty awesome by itself, but when you combine it with the Star t-shirt, it makes for an even awesomer (sic) "street" version of the in-game character's costume. Which is actually really fitting considering that the game itself features 4 different versions of him.

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