The 11th Hour review

Leo DiCaprio picks up Al Gore’s enviro-doc baton – and turns it into an audience truncheon. Sticking to a traditional docu-format, The 11th Hour relies on the gravitas of its impressive roster of talking heads – Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev – to spread the message of climate devastation. If that message has been well worn in recent times, the relentless first hour, which shifts from global warming to other issues such as deforestation, overpopulation and personal responsibility, is so distressing it’ll have you re-mortgaging your house to book a Virgin Galactic flight out of here. As host, a serious-minded DiCaprio ends up not so much spreading the film’s gospel as strong-arming it, but this is no Hollywood vanity project, intelligently raising the level of green debate above platitudes and soundbites.



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