The 10 cheesiest songs about videogames

Standout lyric: “Cause it’s official, cause every test it passes / Mario brothers are cool like sunglasses”

Another inexplicably out-of-character musical release from Nintendo. As with White Knuckle Scorin’, Super Mario Compact Discowas brought into existence at the zenith of the plumber’s popularity. But, whereas Scorin’ only had one game-specific track, Compact Disco featured 19 tracks of unapologetically dorky dance music. If you were 10 and into games, you loved this shit.

It never made a splash in the US, but apparently the Brits ate it up – the track “Super Mario Land” is said to have climbed the UK charts when it was released in 1993. We devoted an entire segment of our TalkRadar podcastto Compact Disco, and with track names like “Save Me (With Your Charm)” and “Six Golden Coins” there’s no reason any fan embarrassing audio should miss out. Wonderfully terrible!