Tetris Evolution review

  • Getting 1000 Achievement Points
  • Classic Tetris
  • This game, only if you're a hardcore fan
  • Paying $30
  • Nothing new here
  • Using the 360 controller

We would have liked to see more innovative multiplayer options, like Tetrinet style attacks to throw at opponents, instead of the same old who-can-outlast-who multiplayer modes that don't feel much different than single player. To call this rehash an "evolution" is laughable at best.

The combination of Tetris Evolution having nothing new to offer, along with the fact that it somehow isn't an XBLA download, makes it difficult to recommend. Unless you're a hardcore Tetris fan, or are willing to fork over the extra money for 1,000 relatively quick Achievement Points, you should probably "block" the urge to pick this one up. 

More Info

Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Franchise: Tetris


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