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Test Drive: Off Road Cheats, Codes & Guides

Test Drive: Off Road Cheats

  • Cheat codes:

    When you are asked to enter your name, enter this (just enter 1 at a time):
    This gives you 4 more cars: the hotrod, the monstertruck, the 4x4 buggy and the stock-car. It also gives you all tracks and no-clipping (this is very cool because you can drive through everything including the borders and other cars!!!!!)
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  • Porshe

    Type this is awseome when asked to enter your name you will recieve an older model and newer model porshe
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    From the Main Menu, access the Options Screen. Next, go to Driver 1Setup. Choose "Enter Name." Clear the current name and put in thefollowing passwords to unlock new codes:
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  • Monster Truck

    BEEFY: Unlocks the Monster Truck in Practice Race.
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  • Name Codes

    For the 4x4 Buggy, enter your name as Sprinter. For the stockcar, enter your name as Lowrider. For no clipping mode, type in Davon as a driver name.
    Submitted by game code man person
  • Hot Rod

    FIFTY: Unlocks the Hot Rod in Practice Race.
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  • Trucks ,Tracks and Cups

    SANDDUNE: Unlocks Speed Demon and Mud Runner Cup in Mixed League.Hats off to Accolade for these codes.Unlock Tracks, Mixed League Cups To do this trick, you must first go to Options, and into the Driver 1 setup. Next, go into Enter Name.Clear the name and enter ALL TRACK. Press Triangle to exit, butthen go back into the name entry screen. Clear the name again andenter ELVIS. Now when you go back into the Practice and Mixed LeagueOptions, all the tracks and mixed league cups will be open!
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  • Get All 12 Tracks

    At the name screen put in ''ALL TRACK'' to get access to all 12 tracks.q
    Submitted by Josh E. Fugate

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Available Platforms: PS1, PC