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Test Drive 5 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Test Drive 5 Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    At the first OPTIONS menu type:
    cup of choice --This unlocks all cup races!
    that takes me back --This enables backwards mode!
    i have the key --This unlocks all cars and tracks!
    i carry a badge -- Get Police cars
    lone crusader in a dangerous world -- Get Nitro when you use horn
    remote braking -- Use horn to stop opponents
    *NOTE: Where the spaces are you must hit the space bar*
    Other Cheat Codes:
    To use these codes you must be fast enough to have your time entered on the high score screen (make sure to turn checkpoints on from OPTION screen.)
    knacked - Reverse tracks
    whoooosh - Nitros (press HORN while racing)
    mjcim.rc - Tiny cars
    sausage - Bonus cars
    Note: After entering the codes make sure you save your game.
    Otherwise, you will have to run this each time you play.

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  • Extra Cars

    Win a drag race and enter the name NO LIFE. OR, win any single race on full race.
    Submitted by None
  • Cop Chase

    Enter your name as VRSIX anywhere you can enter a name
    Submitted by None
  • Super Arcade Mode

    Enter your name as SPURT after you win a drag race or enter a cup race.
    Submitted by
  • Get All Cars

    Enter your name as RONE to get all cars
    Submitted by lvehrtz
  • All Tracks

    Set a record in drag race modeand enter your name as MTHREE or for reverse tracks enter NTHREE
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Car

    On the high score screen enter your name as SPUNK
    Submitted by None
  • All Levels

    Win a drag race and enter your name as NUTS
    Submitted by anonymous (
  • One Forth a mile race

    Enter FIESTA at high score screen
    Submitted by Aaron gunter
  • Race at Silverstone in the 60's

    Enter this code at high score screen: QUALITY

    Now strut your funky stuff at Silverstone!
    Submitted by Nikki
  • Question Mark Rain

    For this code to work you need to get Washington DC by the levels code or another way. First beat Washington DC in first place so you get Washington DC 2 then start a race in Washington DC 2. When you start the race turn around and drive backwards after you drive for a little while the rain will turn into question marks. If you have a problem e-mail me
    Submitted by Stinkythumbs Arbuckle (
  • Secret Video

    Enter your name as AUXYRAY after winning a drag race or entering a cup race.
    Submitted by None

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