Terminator rights for sale

If you were unhappy with the direction that the Terminator franchise took with Salvation, why not put your money where your mouth is - and buy the rights?

Yes, troubled license owners Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, who have several companies in bankruptcy and are facing lawsuits from other partners, are offering the franchise rights for sale.

Their deal for the Terminator elements originally cost them around $25 million, paid to previous owners Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna, who had put out Terminator 2 and 3.

But with their debts piling up, Anderson and Kubicek are now unloading the license, likely to a studio or another group of investors.

So what does this mean for the future of the films - the next of which Salvation director McG is quietly developing? Chances are whoever buys up the Terminator franchise will find a way to pump out at least one more movie - even though that last one didn't set the box office alight, it was successful enough.

Anderson has said the rights are currently worth around $60 million. So anyone with that stuck behind the sofa might want to give it a shot. Just be warned - almost all the companies who have owned them have gone bankrupt.

The Terminator franchise - like an evil monkey's paw for film distributors…

[Source: LA Times ]

Who should get the rights? Who do you think would handle the franchise best? Or should it stop? 



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