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Terminal Velocity Cheats, Codes & Guides

Terminal Velocity Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    To access the cheats simply type in the codes during gameplay:
    Code Description
    TRIFIR0 Temporary Invincibility
    TRIFIR1 Reloads PAC
    TRIFIR2 Reloads ION
    TRIFIR3 Reloads RTL
    TRIFIR4 Reloads MAM
    TRIFIR5 Reloads SAD
    TRIFIR6 Reloads SWT
    TRIFIR7 Reloads DAM
    TRIFIR8 Recharges afterburner fuel
    TRIFIR9 Invisibility
    TRIFIR10 Full Invincibility
    TRIGODS God mode plus weapons powerup
    TRINEXT Jumps to the next level
    TRISHLD Restores shields to full strength
    TRSCOPE Oscilloscope
    TRIHOVR Combat hovering
    TRFRAME Frames-per-second
    TRIWARP# Warps to level number you type in at #
    TRIBURN Super afterburner booster
    3DREALM Weapon power-ups
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