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  • Submitted by Nathan Mates

Ten Pin Alley Cheats

  • Taunt Opponent

    Even though it's a game and you can't distract your friend with the old "coughing fit" gag, you can still mess them up!?! When playing against a friend, hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 as they make their approach. Pressing the buttons opposite the D-Pad makes your bowler taunt your opponent!
    Triangle = "Choke!"
    Square = "Loser!"
    X = "You suck!"
    O = "Miss!"
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  • Easy Game

    Start a new game select tournement (be carefull it`s capitilization senseative) type yur name in as"Vllooma" and you should start out in the 9th frame having all strikes. it will allow you to end with a perfect game
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  • Various Codes

    300 game tournament:
    Put in "Vllooma" as a name in the sixth saved game slot to play in a 300 game bowl off tournament.

    Maui Bowl music
    Enter "Adrenalin" as a name in the second or sixth saved game slot. Then, music will play during the 8th and 9th frame during the Maui Bowl tournament.
    Bowling ball heads
    Enter "Rufus" as a name in the fourth saved game slot and "Dufus" as a name in the fifth saved game slot. Then, select Chuckie and Dutch as characters for those slots.

    Loading a previously saved player
    The instructions in the manual are incorrect. Highlight "Player 1" and delete. This will display a load option. Highlight "Load" and press X. This will display previously saved characters. Highlight the character to be loaded and press X.
    Submitted by Pierre Kravitch

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