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Tekken Cheats

  • Play as Heihachi

    Beat the entire game without continuing to play as Heihachi.
    Submitted by Garrett G.
  • PLayer costume change

    At the character selection screen hit square or triangle for costume 1.Hit X button or circle for costume 2.
    Submitted by Garrett G.
  • Play as Devil Kazuya

    Beat all the rounds of Galaxian at the beginning of the game to play as Devil Kazuye
    Submitted by Garrett G.
  • 2 player Galaga

    For two player Galaga,Hold UP L1 TRIANGLE X BUTTON while the game is loading up.
    Submitted by Garrett G.
  • Play as SUB BOSS

    You must first defeat all the normal characters,then defeat your characters sub boss.Once defeated,you will now be able to play as your characters sub boss.
    Submitted by Garrett G.

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Available Platforms: PS1