Team Fortress 2 - hands-on

Take the Spy. He’s always been able to disguise himself as any enemy and moonwalk casually into their base. But now he can cloak too, vanishing entirely for that whole awkward, highly suspicious infiltration period. Once he’s in, he doesn’t have the nailgun, shotgun, gas grenades and tranquillizer darts of old. A flick-knife and a small-caliber pistol are all he needs to ply his dark trade.

It’s now so easy to slip behind enemy lines that playing a Spy becomes not about whether you can get a kill, but who needs killing most. The lone ranger has become a team player: everyone relies on him to take out the most dangerous player in heavy enemy fortifications. And when he strikes - with a sudden reveal and a sharp flick of his blade - he can usually vanish again before he’s julienned by enemy fire. Only to find another dark corner and reappear as someone else. It’s subterfuge taken to the logical extreme; what doesn’t serve it has been scrapped.