Tasty shots of Test Drive Unlimited

Online driving in the sun. During rush hour

Take a look at these sparkly new shots from Test Drive Unlimited, the freeform online racer that lets everyone loose on 1,000 miles of Hawaiian roads.

Players can trade rare performance parts to customise their cars and bikes, which can then be stored in their own purchasable houses. Well, in the garage, anyway. Cars from Lamborghini, Saleen and Aston Martin - among others - appear in a selection of around 125 vehicles.

Atari is claiming Test Drive Unlimited to be the world's first MOOR - Massively Open Online Racer - but we seem to remember English teachers going on about Othello being a Moor, and that was Shakespeare. Shakespeare predates Atari by at least 20 years.

Test Drive Unlimited is due out on Xbox 360 this summer