TalkRadar 45 – the prize-cast!

We're giving away 10 awesome prizes, plus talking Capcom with guest Seth Killian

Top 7… annoying nags that need to STFU – meet the characters that really should stop talking

Above: Stuntman: Ignition is kind of a dick 


Sony says PS3 will make Blu-ray the industry standard – and with prices still nearly double the average DVD, who can argue Blu-ray’s impressive value? Not us, consumer!

Above: And it all started with modern ASSic Talladega Nights 


Stump Capcom’s Seth Killian, win stuff! – if you listened last week, you could win autographed Capcom goodies like posters and guides, plus objects of desire seen below:

Above: Complete set of Japanese SFIV cards, super-rare shirts and an even rarer-er Capcom flask (for drinks both wholesome and objectionable)

Parappa the Rapper rips off 1971 song – X-LUSIVE BRAKING NUZ: ZOMG COPPYWRITE!


Above: Compare this song to the next…

Above: WOW

Question 29: What classic game do you want to see remade?

Above: We want to know what classic series you're dying to see remade, either by a Mega Man 9-style rebirth or full remake



Above: Nintendo delivered its new DSi system via CAKE. Red cake, white cake and then a solid chocolate DSi on top


Above: One lucky listener is getting his 360 hard drive back loaded with sure-to-be-valuable autographs. Hello eBay! 


Above: Astro Gaming supplied us with new headsets and mixers, so the days of “adjust your mic settings!” are OVER 

Above: Chris's way late bday present: a PixelBlock Scrooge McDuck from the NES Ducktales!


Above: Forum regular beezn put Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! assets to good use 


Above: zymn appealed to our fading memories with these River City Ransom-inspired sprites of the TalkRadar cast. BARF! 

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Post date: April 3, 2009
T-Dar 45 length: 2:44:36
Quote of the week: “He doesn’t have an Astro Gaming headset and he falls to sleep at night punching himself in the dick”
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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