TalkRadar 184 - Love is a Battlefield

We talk Battlefield 3, Grand Theft Auto V and disappointing games in need of sequels

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The Top 7...Disappointing games that deserve sequels
A second chance could let these franchises work out their kinks, but will they ever get one?

Battlefield 3 review
Not all game modes are created equal...

Disney Universe review
You got LEGO in my Lion King

GTA V officially announced, trailer coming soon
Expect the internet to grind to a halt on November 2nd

In the office

Above: Previews Editor Carolyn Gudmundson dressed up as an adorable Link for our feature on last-minute videogame costumes

Above: 2K Games brought us an awesome Darkness II Jack 'O' Lantern in honor of Halloween! (It's already starting to smell funny)

Above: Lit up, it looks more haunting and pretty than any carved gourd has a right to. Happy Halloween, everybody!

Post date: October 28, 2011
T-Dar 182 length: 02:11:16

Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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