Tales of Phantasia (GBA) review

  • Active battles make for fun
  • The entire game is fast paced
  • Detailed graphics, appealing world
  • Dull story and characters
  • Random battles can get tiresome
  • Can't save anywhere! What gives?
Tales of Phantasia is a solid RPG. It doesn't have the story chops of the last classic to hit GBA - Final Fantasy IV did a much better job of making its cast and its quest worth caring about. Phantasia makes up for this by offering a detailed world, energetic gameplay and a battle system that is fast-paced and entertaining. Few role players are renown for their action rather than story, but Tales of Phantasia is definitely one of them. The whole package should be entertaining to anyone who wants some fantasy action on the go.

More Info

Release date: Mar 06 2006 - DS (US)
Mar 06 2006 - DS (UK)
Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Role Playing
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Fantasy Violence


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