Take the scenic route in Excite Truck

Ancient Chinese secret
Yep - you can drive on the Great Wall itself. The trick is to use the “!” symbol to ruin the architecture on your first lap, then steer your truck onto the wall during the second. ‘Course, the slightest tap of the brickwork will flip your vehicle onto its back like a submissive puppy. Built to last, those trucks.

Chinese burn
As in: turn your eyes to the right as you descend from the biiiig jump early on in China (Platinum); spot the POW symbol on the bank of the river; race through it to set your car on fire; then pelt through the trees and land several miles ahead of your we-took-the-normal-route-thanks competitors. Burned.

Fins can only get better
If you take the right-hand route in Finland (Gold), you’ll hit a POW symbol. Once you’ve done that, hug the track barriers to the right and you should have enough oomph to cut straight through the mini-forests on the corners.

Take it to the bridge
Land on Finland (Gold)’s ship? Don’t mind if we do. It’s not too tricky - just take the left route, hit the “!”, and steer left and boost as you head up the ramp. But extra steering gets you next to the smokestacks for bonus cool.

We’re in ur tree…
… breaking ur game. A candid mobile phone shot from Greener, showing what happens if you race into one of Canada (Gold)’s trees just that little too fast. Namely, a tree trunk through the roof. We spent the rest of the race vainly trying to turbo our way out, and failing.

Get on track
We’re delighted to tell you: you can ride on the train in Canada (Gold). Stay up high and steer towards the little tunnels jutting out of the hillsides - you can roll right on. The train emerges from the tunnel nearest the start at 1:20, every single time. Eat that, First Great Western.

Flee across the border
Well, that’s what you can tell yourself - this is Mexico (Platinum), after all. The shortcut’s some way after the colossal stone archway: collect the POW symbol, then aim for the trees. Pause the game and you too can see your truck stretched in time.