Take a good look at WTF

One of the weirder Japanese games we've seen in a while is coming to the US on Sept. 26, and we've got the screens to prove it. Previously known as Baito Hell 2000, the renamed WTF (for Work Time Fun, duh) is a bizarre riff on the WarioWare formula that will throw 30 different minigames at players in rapid succession.

Mixing 3D graphics, photos and even live-action video, the games themselves range from simple (rock-paper-scissors) to intimidating (getting a cute girl's phone number at a bar) to incredibly disturbing (sorting baby chicks by gender - of which there are three: male, female, and "heaven").

If quick, simple minigames aren't enough, WTF will also pack in a wireless ad-hoc mode for up to five gamers, as well as unlockable "tools." The latter include a bar calculator, world clock and a flashlight (which we're guessing just turns the screen bright white until you turn it off). There's also a "ramen timer" which is really just an excuse to have a video of a ripped guy posing in a speedo and saying "muscle muscle!" for three minutes straight (and yes, there's a bikini-girl version, too).

To check out the latest batch of screens - including our exclusive ramen-timer shots - just hit the Images tab above.

July 19, 2006


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