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Tak 2: Staff of Dreams Cheats, Codes & Guides

Tak 2: Staff of Dreams Cheats

Tak 2: Staff of Dreams Easter Eggs

  • Interactive loading sign

    At loading screen, use the controller to move the ball around the screen.
    Submitted by Austin Schmidt

Tak 2: Staff of Dreams Hints

  • Planetarium Level - Destruction of the nest

    When you reach the planetarium level destroy the goop so the big laser will be unlocked. get in and start firing at the blue little creatures that shoot goops nest. after you destroy all the nest they will not be able to make more of the creatures.
    Submitted by Tak29
  • Secret Passage

    On the second level there is a three that looks like a T there is a sign there go and hit it with your stick and a portal will appear that will lead you to the 5th mission.
    Submitted by Macroman mikepv
  • Bear Jump Hint

    Can't reach your destination by bouncing on the bear? Jump up and down on him three times and he'll grab you and throw you to where you need to be.
    Submitted by M. Simione
  • More Powerful Throws

    Stay absolutely still and hold down the L1 button and you will give off a purple aura if you have your first showlen power which is to run and swim fast. Now hold down the triangle button and charge it. Then release it will be more powerful and larger.
    Submitted by None
  • Battling shamuns

    AS you progress into the game the shamuns will start to run away from you. Use your bolas to grapple them and then go hit them.
    Submitted by going
  • Get barrel to belly juju

    When your up in the cave destroy some woodies and bring a barrel to the rocks and drop it there and run then use your juju power to bring the other to belly juju.
    Submitted by christopher chahwan
  • Destroying tentacle monster at the end of the dream world

    When you encounter the creature there will be tentacles around the head. So go near to one of the tentacles and jump away quickly so that the tentacle will miss. While the tentacle is trying to get it's head out of the ground destroy it. Proceed to the next tentacle and do the same thing until the monster is destroyed. Then proceed to the portal.
    Submitted by None
  • How to stop infinite emps at the dream world

    Having trouble with the emps? Well first when you see the emps coming out of a portal destroy the portal to stop the emps. Ignore the emps first to get to the portal.
    Submitted by None
  • How to beat the dream guardian the second time

    When you are falling down you should hold L when he throws the green all or the multiple purple blasts.

    P.S. when the rocks come it should be easy to get away from them without holding L, unless ure not very good at the game or fast movement like me.

    P.S.S when he blasts the red attack stand in the middle or anywhere because, it really doesn't hit you, even when it hit me it went right through tak.
    Submitted by Johnny

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