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Sapper Class, Demolitionist Corps: This military specialist is a demolitions expert, and utilizes a wide range of large scale attacks which can alter the course of battle. The Demolitionist can deliver massive attacks with timed precision or unleash wide spread damage across the battlefield. If a squad is looking for someone to bring mass chaos and destruction to the battlefield on an unprecedented scale, then the Demolitionist is the person for the job.

You will begin as a specialist, and advance to the rank of Sapper before being accepted into the Demolitionist Corps.

Explosive Wave:
This is a Demolitionist's Signature Ability. You will be able to harness Logos power and set off an explosive radial attack that emanates out from you and does extreme damage to all enemies in range.

Explosive Nanites: Coats the target with explosive micromech. Thereafter, each attack the target suffers causes some of the micromech to explode, doing secondary damage. Each successive secondary attack wears away the micromech until it’s gone.

Reality Ripper: A Demolitionist has access to specialized bombs that  creates a large rip in space that sucks enemies towards the bomb, and begins damaging them. Affected enemies will tend to focus on destroying the bomb instead of attacking your squad.

Controlled Fission: The user turns the target into a walking bomb. The effect absorbs incoming damage from weapon attacks (and weapon splash damage) on the target, until the accumulated damage achieves a set threshold. Once the threshold of damage has been absorbed, that damage is released in a massive explosion that affects the target and all enemies near it. The damage threshold depends on the user’s level and level of the ability used.

Self Destruct: Sometimes, the Demolitionist may find himself in the middle of too much heat. To protect against this, a Demolitionist is able to plant an indestructible "recall beacon" that will teleport him back to the beacon's location if his health begins to drop. At that time, he will be transported safely just as a huge explosion is set off in his wake.


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