Tabula Rasa - closed beta impressions

While we've been having a blast touring through the closed beta for the most part, Tabula Rasa still feels more like revised approach to the MMORPG genre - building on the same base elements featured in its predecessors - than the "clean slate" or fresh start that it has been hyped as. Tabula Rasa continues the tradition of using quest-giving NPCs that spew text-heavy dialogue boxes to progress the story and background. And while combat is more exciting with its slick gunplay, grinding for experience and delivery quests continues to be big part of Tabula Rasa's gameplay.

But criticizing Tabula Rasa’s structure for these reasons is like saying that Kurosawa films have too many samurai or faulting Japanese RPGs for an anime-influenced art style. MMO fans won't and shouldn't be turned off by Tabula Rasa’s traditional features. But at the same time, based on our experience with the closed beta, they would do well not to expect the game to revolutionize the genre. Still, we're excited in seeing what else Tabula Rasa will offer, and we'll be bringing you more details on the game as they emerge. In the meantime, visit the Images tab above for the latest screens from this revised - but not quite revolutionary - sci-fi shooter take on the MMO genre.

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