Surf's Up review

Proof you can never have too much of a good fin comes in the form of a CG documentary about surfboarding penguins – Spinal Flap, if you will – that p-p-plays like Happy Feet crossed with Riding Giants. Its hero is Cody (borrowing the vocal talents of Transformers star Shia LaBeouf), a teenage rebel from Shiverpool, Antarctica, who thinks it’d be swell to compete at the annual Big Z Memorial Surf Off. Trouble is, he wipes out at the first sight of foam, leading him to seek out its founder (voiced by Jeff Bridges) for some expert tutelage. OK, so there’s not much going on here once you swallow the kooky premise and a fly-on-the-wall format that deftly spoofs the staples of the genre. But if the summer holidays find you with hatchlings to entertain and time to kill, this is definitely worth checking out…



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