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Surfing H3O Cheats

  • Shark Surfer

    If you beat all the levels and score 300 points on all of them a new shark is available as a player.

    Info submitted by Shawn G on Friday, November 17, 2000 at 20:20:02
    Submitted by None
  • Open any cheat on the game

    When playing push push and hold R2,L2 in that order and push left, right for 10 seconds that should open every single cheat on this game. If it doesn't work then try 15 seconds. I'm sure that it should work.
    Submitted by Vladic Aleksanyan
  • Get any Surfboard in the world

    At the main menu hold L1 R1 and then push tryengle,X(10)times and then push square that should let you get any surfboard in the world.
    Submitted by Vladic Aleksanyan
  • Bonus Characters and Boards

    Successfully Complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Tyrone King, Lara barcella, Gareos, and 6 Boards.
    Successfully complete the game on the semi-pro
    difficulty setting to unlock Morsa, Serena Knox, Jojo, and 6 boards.
    Successfully complete the game on the pro setting to unlock Mikey Sands, Largo, Lyco Sassa, and 5 boards.
    Successfully complete the game on master difficulty setting to unlock Surfoid and 3 boards.
    Submitted by Cheat_master

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