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Supreme Commander 2 review

Sometimes size matters. Find out why giant robots rule in this epic RTS


  • Badass experimental units
  • Much more newbie friendly
  • Emphasizes strategy over clicking


  • Battles are scaled down
  • Skirmish AI is limp
  • Multiplayer seems to have uncounterable strategies

The best tactic we%26rsquo;ve come up with is the Cybrannosaurus Bubblebath. A hovering triangle wafts into your base and drops a dinosaur on you. The dinosaur is large, about the size of a dinosaur, and has a robotic head that breathes fire. A moment later, 25 translucent spheres pop up around it. The shields these Adaptors generate aren%26rsquo;t impenetrable, but they overlap and regenerate. They cling to the dinosaur as missiles spill from his back like he%26rsquo;s moulting. He stomps toward your commander as if to eat him, but of course he won%26rsquo;t. He%26rsquo;s an herbivore; that would be ridiculous.

Supreme Commanderis like the fever dream of a Robot Wars contestant: you control hundreds of killing machines as they clash with hundreds more over land, air and sea. In the first game that got complicated, and if you weren%26rsquo;t an actual Robot Wars contestant you could be forgiven for giving up. The slightest error in establishing your economy could cause it to crash, leaving you crippled while your opponent%26rsquo;s forces spread like a metal virus. If that was you: good news, come in. You%26rsquo;re going to love this.

If that wasn%26rsquo;t you, if you spent your Sundays in eight-hour matches battling seven other commanders for control of a battlefield the size of the Isle of Wight, it%26rsquo;s best not to think of this as a sequel. It%26rsquo;s more like a side-project, as if Giant Robots and Vast Armies left the group to form their own band without Epic Battlefields and Advanced Economics %26ndash; who was always kind of a square.We don%26rsquo;t know whether the old band will ever get back together, but don%26rsquo;t go into this expecting the nerdy glory of those four in concert. You could easily miss why Supreme Commander 2 is great.

There is a counter to the Cybrannosaurus Bubblebath, we%26rsquo;ve discovered. It%26rsquo;s called the %26lsquo;Screw you, I have a Magnetron.%26rsquo; You drop your dino, the shields go up, andsaid shieldssuddenly jerk across the base and are minced in a maw of spinning metal teeth. Rex, wagging his flame-gouting head from side to side to try to see what%26rsquo;s happening, is dragged slowly backwards into the sparky deathcogs by a megaelectromagnet, where they chew through his flesh and metal with indifference. A Magnetron would eat your commander. A Magnetron would eat God if He had any metal on Him.

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Description<p>The sequel to the mech RTS is coming soon, this time published by Japanese RPG giant Square Enix.</p>
PlatformPC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone 10+, Everyone 10+
UK censor ratingRating Pending, Rating Pending
Release date:2 March 2010 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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