Supertrailer - This week's best videos chopped into one massive video

Autobots assemble! Lookout for crashing cars, flying arrows and explosions!

This week's Supertrailer music is Asteroid Run by Rushjet1

This week's Supertrailer is fully action-packed! We got a look this week at how good Commander Shepard's N7 armor looked on characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and another awesome "Heavy Hitter" character from BioShock Infinite, was revealed. There was also a lot of Autobots fighting off Decepticons in The Fall of Cybertron's new in-game trailer. Wondering which other trailers we used? Check them out below:

Featured Trailers:

BioShock Infinite - Siren Featurette trailer

Assassin's Creed III - Meet Conner trailer

Asura's Wrath - Japanese DLC trailer

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