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Superman Returns Cheats

  • Infinite Metropolis Health

    Entry location: Pause Menu
    Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Up, Left, Right, Circle
    Submitted by SithLordVader & drkbludvl7 "FXF"
  • Unlock all Unlockables

    Entry location: Pause Menu
    Left, Up, Right, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Up, Right, Square
    Submitted by SithLordVader & drkbludvl7 "FXF"
  • Unlock all Powerups

    Entry location: Pause Menu
    Left, Circle, Right, Square, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Circle, Square
    Submitted by SithLordVader & drkbludvl7 "FXF"
  • God Mode

    Entry location: Pause Menu
    Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, y, x
    Submitted by BlingBoy3443 & Vossk
  • All Power-Ups

    Entry location: Fortress of Solitude Menu
    Left, Y, right, X, down, Y, up, down, X, Y, X
    Submitted by Vossk & BlingBoy3443
  • Metropolis Invincibility

    Entry location: Fortress of Solitude Menu
    Y, right, Y, right, up, left, right, Y
    Submitted by Vossk & BlingBoy3443
  • Unlimited City Health

    Entry location: Pause Menu
    Y, right, y, right, up, left, right, y
    Submitted by BlingBoy3443
  • All Unlockables

    Entry location: Fortress of Solitude Menu
    Left, up, right, down, Y, X, Y, up, right, X
    Submitted by Vossk & BlingBoy3443
  • Where to Enter Codes

    You have to wait until after the Warworld mission against Mongul at the beginning of the game. After you beat Mongul, you will return to Metropolis. As soon as you can pause the game, pause it and enter the above codes. It takes a second, but you will hear a sound confirming each code. Wait for the sound and the code is yours.
    Submitted by SithLordVader
  • Infinite City Health

    Entry location: Option Menu in Pause Screen
    Y, Right, Y, Right, Up, Left, Right, Y
    Submitted by SamWell
  • Play as Bizzaro

    The code is available on the Superman Returns DVD - it has been reported as:

    Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

    Simply enter the code and fly to the top of the GNN building where you will have the ability to transform to playable Bizarro. Wreak havoc throughout the entire open world of Metropolis as Bizarro for an unlimited amount of time, and simply fly to the threat indicator located at the other end of Metropolis to change back to Superman.
    Submitted by GRTW
  • All Power-Ups

    Entry location: Option Menu in Pause Screen
    Left, Y, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Down, X, Y, X
    Submitted by SamWell
  • Unlock All Unlockables

    Entry location: Option Menu in Pause Screen
    Left, Up, Right, Down, Y, X, Y, Up, Right, X
    Submitted by Silky 24

Superman Returns Easter Eggs

  • Derek Allmon Memorial

    At the tip of the island (near the Superman statue) there will be a monument. Go up to the monument and look at the plaque, it will read: "In memory of Derek Allmon, From his Friends."
    Submitted by Superman101

Superman Returns Glitches

  • Invincible Civilians

    Entry location: Daily Planet Building
    Pick up any pedestrian near the daily planet building (not one in distress) and go up to the top with of the daily planet building him or her. There should be some kind of walls sticking out of the sides. Land on it(it might be to slippery so try another one if it is)then drop him or her. Then quickly drop down to the ground. As you might have thought,the civilian will slip down and fall on its ass. So watch the dork head fall from the building. When it will reach the ground, it will just get up and start running (or walking if you did not terrorize it).
    Submitted by Me
  • Exploding People

    Entry location: Lakeshore
    First be Bazzaro, then pickup a person and bring them anywhere along the lake. Put them down and punch them into the lake before they can run away. Then they will fall in the lake and explode!
    Submitted by Kenny

Superman Returns Unlockables

  • Achievements

    Armageddon Averted (30) - Complete Level 01: Meteor Storm
    Frequent Flyer (30) – Travel 10,000 Miles
    Heavy Lifting (30) - Lift 10,000 Tons
    Hero of Metropolis (200) - Complete All Metro Events And Mini-Games
    Me aM savE yOU (100) - By you is Bizarro not undefeated!
    Metallo Mastered (100) - Stop Metallo in the name of justice
    Mr. What's-his-name (50) - Complete All Mini-Games
    Mr. Whiskers (50) - Find All Kittens
    Roadside Assistance (30) - Pick Up 100 Cars
    Souped-Up Superman (30) - Obtain All 15 Power-Ups
    Super Sonic (20) - Finish all Fast Flyer Mini-Games
    The Greatest Day (30) - Play for 12 Hours
    The Mongul Hordes (100) - Vanquished Mongul once again
    Twisted (100) - Save Metropolis from the rampaging tornado
    Versatile Fighter (30) - Perform 99 fighting combos
    Warworld (50) - Visit and dominate Warworld
    You Am Bizarro! (20) - Complete The Bizarro Mini-Game
    Submitted by Roxr
  • Unlock Costumes

    Golden Age Superman Suit - Save Metropolis from the tornadoes
    Pod Suit - Beat Bizarro
    Submitted by Roxr
  • Golden Age Superman

    If you complete the mission where tornadoes attack Metropolis you can unlock the golden age superman..Think of it as superman in brighter colors and a different hair style.
    Submitted by Wiz kid2.0
  • Trophies

    Entry location: While playing
    Globe Bowling Trophy-Throw Globe off Daily Planet Building
    Bizarro Unchampionship Trophy- Get high score with Bizarro by destroying town with certain (?) amount of time
    Photo Finish Trophy - Defeat 500 enemies
    Outstanding Valet Trophy- Destroy certain amount of cars (?)
    Kitten Finder Extraordinare - Find all 100 kittens for Mr.Mystlypyzk challenge
    Meteor Mayhem Trophy-Save Meteors from Metropolis in beginning of game
    Submitted by GJU
  • Unlockable Trophies

    Bizzaro Unchampion Trophy - Complete all the Bizzaro mini-games
    Globe Bowling Trophy - Pick up the Daily Planet globe
    Kitten Finder Extraordinaire - Rescue all 100 Kittens
    Meteor Mayhem - Complete the 1st level of the game
    Outstanding Valet Trophy - Pick up 500 Cars
    Photo Finish - Defeat 500 enemies
    Submitted by super David
  • Unlockable Costumes

    Golden Age Superman Costume - Save Metropolis from the tornadoes
    Pod Costume - Defeat Bizarro
    Submitted by Lt. Ralphy

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