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Superbike 2001 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Superbike 2001 Cheats

  • Extra speed

    Enter EAPOWER to get great acceleration or top speed for all your bikes. Your bike may reach 216 mph (350 kph).
    Submitted by Edwards_2001
  • Extra Grip

    Enter GRIPPY as your name and you'll get extra cornering grip.
    Submitted by Edwards_2001
  • Laguna

    Enter LAGUNA as your name and all of the riders will have big heads, hands, and feet.
    Submitted by Edwards_2001
  • Extra Stopping

    Enter STOPPY as your name for extra braking power.
    Submitted by Edwards_2001
  • Win Every Race

    During a race type in PLEASEMAKEMEWIN and at the end of the race you will win
    Submitted by jon davis
  • Bonus Bikes

    During gameplay type in MORE DAYS TO COME ,or TAKE A BREAK
    Submitted by jon davis
  • No Helmet (Only works for Haga)

    At the main menu you should type in "BMX Champs" then you should hear a Yamaha Dirtbike Motor Reving
    Submitted by Garfielder

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