Super Swing Golf - multiplayer hands-on

Bringing up the rear with no golf experience whatsoever was… ahem… us. In what we’ve now learned is a common rookie mistake, we worried too much about the power of our swing and didn’t concentrate enough on direction and smooth follow-through. Because our hands were angling slightly to the right at the end of their arc, most of our shots were slicing to the right and away from their intended targets.

Luckily, Super Swing Golf is a lot simpler to learn than real golf. Although it takes stuff like wind, weather and ground slope into consideration, it’s still not asking you to hit an actual ball. Therefore, through quiet and calculating study of our PSM opponents, we were eventually able to mimic their approach and score some perfect shots for ourselves. But the sweetest revenge? That would be turning in a bunch of PlayStation editors for playing Nintendo games on company time. Back to Genji, fellas!

Sadly, because our multiplayer experience was so positive, we’re that much more bummed to hear the game will not go online. Sure, the Wii unpacks ready to sign onto Nintendo’s WiFi Connection and, sure, Super Swing Golf is based directly on Pangya, a Korean massive multiplayer online golf simulation.

It doesn’t make sense, but such are the sacrifices of releasing a launch title, we suppose. We still believe the single-system multiplayer matches will be enough to keep most friends and families happy - especially once they get inspired by, but soon bored by, the golf section of packaged-in Wii Sports. That should happen sometime in December, so check back then for our full review.


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