Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Smashing success

A few new moves…

Link’s final smash involves drawing upon the power of the Triforce to drive your blade into your opponent. Cutting ol’ stinky Wario open is unwise.

Peach’s is somewhat gentler. Peach blossom lulls foes to sleep, letting the princess gorge on health-giving peaches. And kick her sleeping pals.

Samus’s final smash blast is so powerful it rips her clothes off - steady on - and leaves her as Zero Suit Samus, with an entirely different move set.

Level Headed

What’s the point of over-the-top scraps if you haven’t got a suitably over-the-top location to have them in? While a few old favourites are reappearing with a spot of polish - Melee’s Hyrule Temple is looking gorgeous - we’re far more excited about these thumping grounds…

Above: From left to right - 1) WarioWare, 2) Pictochat, 3) Ice Climbers, 4) Animal Crossing

1) A level set in WarioWare - Nintendo’s mad minigames collection. As in the game, the stage shifts every few seconds with a new set of perils to face.

2) Probably the classiest level ever designed - a fight inside Pictochat on the DS. Minus the crude anatomy doodles, no doubt.

3) Nabbed from Ice Climbers, this icy summit offers stable ground until it breaks off the mountain and slides away. Hold on for your life.

4) Ahhh bless, an Animal Crossing stage. It even has an exclusive KK Slider track written for it. Sadly you can’t hit that money-grabbing git, Tom Nook.

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  • xcalovar - May 10, 2009 4:32 p.m.

    they should make a split screen ssb's game. if they did that, more ppl will play that instead shooting games.

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