Super Meat Boy gets 140 new levels

Free level editor to follow huge update

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Owners of the Steam version of Super Meat Boy now have access to over 140 new Super Meat Boy levels thanks to the recently released Super Meat World update. Divided over eight chapters, the extra stages (designed by users, members from Team Meat, and other developers) can be found to the left of the first world after collecting over twenty bandages.

Team Meat is planning to supplement Super Meat World with the addition of a public beta for the Super Meat Boy level editor. Users will be able to upload levels to the Super Meat World portal once the tool is released.

After the beta period for the editor is finished and it's deemed stable, Team Meat will introduce “The Unknown,” a feature that will automatically select user-made levels for you. According to developer Team Meat, the update will “basically turn Super Meat World into an endless sea of RAGE!” These features are Steam-only, meaning Xbox 360 Meat Boy fans are out of luck for now.

Apr 4, 2011

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