Super Mario Galaxy - 120 Stars

Freezeflame Galaxy
The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr (first on video)
Freezeflame's Blistering Core (1:40)
Hot and Cold Collide (3:40)
Frosty Cosmic Mario Race (5:15)
Conquering the Summit (5:50)
Purple Coins on the Summit (6:55)

Dusty Dune Galaxy
Soaring on the Desert Winds (first on video)
Blasting Through the Sand (1:30)
Sunbaked Sand Castle (3:15)
Sandblast Speed Run (4:50)
Treasure of the Pyramid (5:30)
Bullet Bill on your Back (7:10)
Purple Coins in the Desert (8:00)

Honeyclimb Galaxy
Scaling the Sticky Wall

For this observatory's boss, see theboss stars page.