Super Mario 3D World Green Star and Stamp locations guide

World 7-B: Prince Bully Blockade Is Back

Star #1

Like 7-A, this is a repeat battle. Price Bully has a new trio of blue fireballs that chase you, but that's it. Beat him the same way as before to earn a star.

World 7-5: Trick Trap Tower

Star #1

You'll find the first star very early in the level, but you'll need a Cat Suit. After riding the second set of yellow platforms, leap to the left ledge. Scramble up here to find the star.

Stamp: Magickoopa

This is literally directly above the first star. Scramble up the wall to grab it.

Star #2

When you reach the top of the first tower, you'll encounter a trio of Magickoopas. Take them out to earn a star.

Star #3

As you ascend the second tower, look for these bricks along the way. Smash through them and move through the tiny tunnel to find one last star.

World 7-6: Rammerhead Reef

Star #1

Early in the level, you'll spot a line of crates. Bust through them to find a star.

Star #2

Just after the warp pipe, lots of Rammerheads will cycle through a narrow canal. The star is inside one the bubbles on a Rammerhead's tail.

Star #3

This one can be tough to get, as you have to keep a Fire Flower going throughout most of the course. When you reach the rotating pairs of Rammerheads, you'll see a clear pipe with spike balls and the last star. Throw a fireball through the pipe to destroy the spikes, then slide through to grab the star.

Stamp: Blooper

You'll find this at the final stretch of the level, where Rammerheads swim in columns. It's at the top of the second column. Navigate the moving rows of enemies to get there.

World 7-7: Simmering Lava Lake

Star #1

You'll see this early on in the level. Have the Boomerang Suit ready, then simply throw a boomerang at the star to nab it.

Star #2

A little later on, you'll spot a hollow green star. Hit it to spawn eight green coins. If you can collect them all before time runs out, you'll receive a star.

Stamp: Boomerang Flower

This is under a grate just past the checkpoint. Rush down there and grab it while the lava level is going down, then quickly run back up to safe ground.

Star #3

Stop at the large grey platform just past the stamp. When the lava goes down, there will be a path to the south you can take. Rush along it to safe ground where the star rests.

World 7-Special: Captain Toad Gets Thwomped

Star #1

This level is all about timing. The first star is an alcove behind the first Thwomp. Slip back there when it's airborne to grab it.

Star #2

When you ride a Thwomp to the next floor, look for this in the corner.

Star #3

On the next level up, slide along the conveyor belt after the Bullet Bills have passed, and grab this in the corner.

Star #4

This is atop the first Thwomp you encountered. Step onto his head while he's rising from below to grab it.

Star #5

When you reach the top of the level, quickly run along the plank between Bullet Bills. Drop into the hole to reach the balcony where the last star lies.

Level 7-Castle: Bowser's Lava Lake Keep

Star #1

Grabbing the first star is a pain; it lies just above the lave next to the spinning fire. You have to jump the gap, slide down the wall to grab it, then wall jump back before touching the deadly lava. Good luck!

Star #2

Just beyond is a cannon firing soccer ball bombs. Kick one into the big bricks to reveal s switch - don't press it yet! First, use a Cat Suit to scramble up the walkway before you lower it; there's a star up there.

Stamp: Boomerang Mario

Now move to the alcove with the switch. Wall jump upwards to find a high altitude stamp.

Star #3

After the checkpoint, you'll cross a narrow walkway. Halfway over it, you'll spot the last star floating over the lava. Use a toss with the Boomerang Suit to grab it.



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