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Super Dodge Ball Advance Cheats, Codes & Guides

Super Dodge Ball Advance Cheats

  • Super Combo

    Start a triple dash attack on a purple court. Give the ball to the person with RETURNSHOT super throw and execute it. If you pass the ball around enough you should get 80. When you get the ball back give it to an outfield player. If your timing is good do a super throw and it should take out more than 95 points. Do that again and you will probably beat the other team.
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  • Unlock Dream Teams

    Dream Team D{Warriors}-Beat Championship once
    Dream Team C{Iron Men}-Beat Champ.twice
    Dream Team B{Rockets}-Beat Champ. 3x
    Dream Team A{Shooters}-Beat Champ. 4x
    Dream Team E{Team Atlus}-Beat Champ. 5x!
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