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Submarine Titans Cheats

  • Enemy Technologies

    When you're a human, you could build a Raider or Maruder to capture another human civilization's Research Laboratory or Tec centre to get enemy technologies. Warning: You can not capture a Black Octipi's or White Shark's technologies when you're a Silicon and the other way around. Hint: Once you have captured a Research Lab or Tec centre, you could access the technologies at your own Research Lab or Tec centre. Waning: You only get a limited amount of time.
    Submitted by Ross Luo
  • Various Cheats

    During Play hit ENTER and put in a code below for the desired effect
    METAL - Get 1000 Metal
    GOLD - Get 1000 Gold
    CORIUM - Get 5000 Corium
    EXITON - Get 1000 Gold, 5000 Corium, 10000 Metal
    AIR - Max Air
    SILICON - Max Silicon
    ENERGY - Max Energy
    FOW - Show Map
    TECH - All Techs
    TECHNOLOGI - All technology
    Submitted by Ross Luo

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