Stuntman: Ignition - multiplayer hands-on

The third and, in our opinion, greatest multiplayer mode is the Backlot Battle. This is the mode that takes full advantage of Stuntman: Ignition's strengths. In other words, it's all about the stunts. Placing first will net you a few points. Placing last, but taking the time to smash every obstacle, jump off every ramp, power slide through every turn, squeeze through every gap and swipe every other car on the road will earn you far more.

Ramming your competitors' vehicles has other benefits, too. If someone in front of you seems to be stringing together an amazing combination of stunts, use your nitro to surge forward and bump them from behind. You'll automatically steal all the points they were building up.

In the midst of this chaotic free-for-all, each player must still find a way to complete each of the official director's stunts. Talk about stress. But you can use this to your opponent's disadvantage, purposefully pushing them away from the necessary markers. Five misses and they're out of the race entirely.

We've got video of the Backlot Battle madness below. See for yourself:

The final multiplayer mode isn't actually online, but a one-at-a-time, pass-the-controller competition called Stunt Tourney. You and your friends each take a turn on Stuntman: Ignition's movie tracks and, at the end, the game will compare everyone's best scores.

Finally, all of the modes except Stunt Tourney can be played in split-screen. Sadly, split-screen will be PS2 owners' only option, as that version does not go online.

If you still want to get into the drivers seat, we have new screens of Stuntman you can see by clicking on the Images tab at the top of the page and even more video available if you click on the Movies tab.


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