Stuntman: Ignition - multiplayer hands-on

The next mode, Backlot Race, is where things begin to get interesting. All of the players' cars are now in the same physical space, racing and smashing into each other to hurtle over the finish line first. If that sounds rather pedestrian, it's because you haven't attempted to navigate Stuntman: Ignition's back lots.

While the movie track's are wholly linear (in order to guarantee cinematic events every time), the back lots are more of a sprawling behind-the-scenes mess. You can stick to the wide open thoroughfares or attempt to find your own path through dark, cavernous warehouses and cramped, hidden side alleys. You can play it safe on the ground or nitro off a forgotten ramp, launching yourself onto the studio's rooftops.

Wherever you go, the mix of reality and make-believe is striking. Bright and sunny office complexes merge into dramatic, camera-ready sets - and back again - right before your eyes. Our favorite moment was hitting a ramp, landing on a piece of fiery but fake molten rock hanging from a crane in the sky and then falling right back to the nondescript street below. Only in Hollywood.

Watch our Backlot Race footage below. Curious about that Batmobile clone? We have it on good authority that one of the as-yet-unannounced movies will be a superhero epic. Nice...


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