Stuntman: Ignition - hands-on

Of course, it’s not nearly as easy as that. That’s where replays will come in so handy. Remember in the Burnout games when you’d try to ratchet up a high score in the Crash Junction events? You’d scour your replay from every angle to find that elusive X4 multiplier? It‘s a similar situation with Ignition, as repeated viewing will reveal a hulk of wrecked car sitting in the middle of the road, a likely-looking slow-moving car to thunder past too close for comfort or a hidden ramp which can be ridden up to flip your vehicle onto two wheels. Going for all of these little extra details can top up your running points score, which is then converted into that all-important star rating. Ignition’s potential for addiction will kick in at just the point you’ve come to know the basic layout of the movie set and you’re ready to get your balls out, in a manner of speaking, and properly go for it.

Take Aftershock, another movie you film, set in and around a town caught in the shadow of a lava-spewing volcano. From the clack of the clapper board the TV screen is plunged into a chaotic mix of eye-scorching explosions, screaming actors and roads disappearing into the ground as the earth/set quakes. Your services are required for three of the film’s scenes: Lava Flow, First Tremor and Escape.

The first scene, Lava Flow, is a fairly lengthy series of stunts which casts you as a terrified villager trying to get the hell away before being turned into man-broth. Jumping into a nippy red coupé, you smash through the structure immediately in front of you before making a jump over a stream of molten rock. Then you need to scream sideways past a burning car, remembering to hit the switch which sets your own car ablaze when prompted. It’s pretty hectic, but certainly manageable. Quickly you need to douse your car otherwise the shooting will be halted, so you need to aim for a nearby carwash. After some more hairy driving it’s time to hit the gas for the scene finale, a huge fiery corkscrew jump into… well, that’s for you to find out.

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