Stuntman: Ignition - first look hands-on

Based on our extensive hands-on time with the game, making a Stuntman movie is tough. And, at least on the San Francisco set for a fictional police film called "Overdrive," fairly unforgiving. The stunt icons come at you at a fast clip, forcing you to make decisions on the spur of the moment. If we reacted a second late or turned a degree too far, we'd often end up against the side of a building or the back of a trolley car, wheels spinning and going nowhere. Nothing like slowly reversing, white tail lights and all, to stop the breakneck pace of a motion picture in its tracks. Screw up five times and the director forces you to start over again without finishing the circuit.

But when everything went right - usually after a bit of memorization - the experience was thrilling. The other set, "Aftershock," threw us into the middle of a disaster film where a volcanic eruption rains fiery meteors upon the road and rips holes in bridges you're just about to cross. We truly felt like we were the stars of a blockbuster movie, screeching through 180's and soaring over rooftops not because we had to but because that's just what movie stars do.

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